MyFlixer: 11 Best Legal Alternatives for Movies & TV Shows

MyFlixer once ruled the online streaming scene with its free access to a massive library of movies and TV shows. Its simple interface, diverse genre selection, and zero subscription fees attracted a huge fanbase. Finding your favorite film and hitting play was effortless.

However, MyFlixer’s success came at a steep legal cost. They illegally distributed copyrighted content without permission, leading to lawsuits from major studios and production companies. Unfortunately, this dark side resulted in the platform’s shutdown, leaving users searching for alternatives.

But hey, movie mavericks and TV enthusiasts, don’t despair! There’s a whole world of legal streaming gems out there, ready to fulfill your cinematic cravings without breaking the law or your moral compass. I’ve spent countless hours exploring the streaming landscape, and I’m here to share my carefully curated picks with you:

1. Popcornflix

Imagine having access to a vast library similar to MyFlixer, but with the added benefits of being completely legal and supported by ads. That’s Popcornflix! I personally appreciate its user-friendly interface, and the best part is, it’s guilt-free entertainment with ads to support it. Just enjoy your popcorn and have fun!

2. Tubi TV

If you were intrigued by the diverse content on My Flixer, Tubi TV is another excellent option. It offers a wide array of movies and shows, thoughtfully organized for easy exploration. With its clean design and carefully selected content, Tubi TV provides a delightful alternative. Personally, I appreciate its clean layout, diverse content, and yes, even the ads (after all, those actors need to eat!).

3. Crackle

If you’re a fan of Sony-produced entertainment and looking for a legal alternative to My Flixer, Crackle is the answer. This free service from Sony Entertainment offers a variety of movies and shows, including their own original creations. It’s a treasure trove for enthusiasts of Sony classics, without the legal uncertainties associated with MyFlixer. Personally, I’ve found some fantastic Sony classics on Crackle, making it perfect for a relaxed evening.

4. Vudu

Don’t let the “pay-per-view” concept scare you! Vudu, unlike MyFlixer’s potentially questionable methods, provides a wide range of free movies and shows in addition to their rental and purchase choices. It’s like a buffet that also caters to picky eaters with its a la carte menu. Personally, I often start by exploring their free section before considering any rental options.

5. IMDb TV

If you’re missing the movie-centric vibe of My Flixer, give Amazon’s IMDb TV a try. It offers a carefully chosen assortment of films and TV shows, all linked to the extensive IMDb knowledge base. I like the familiar interface, and yes, as you might have guessed, there are ads (but they’re movie-related!). These ads, in fact, have even introduced me to some hidden gems on occasion.

6. Pluto TV

Say goodbye to the MyFlixer remote and welcome legal, on-demand streaming with Pluto TV! This platform combines on-demand content with classic TV channels, providing a diverse array of genres and scheduled programming. Consider it a virtual cable package without the hefty bill. Personally, I enjoy having Pluto TV on as background noise while working or doing chores. It feels like rediscovering the joy of channel surfing, but in a legal and free way!

7. Kanopy

For movie enthusiasts in search of hidden gems, Kanopy opens the door to a treasure trove of independent and acclaimed films, surpassing MyFlixer’s selection. Personally, I’ve retrieved my library card and discovered captivating hidden gems and art-house masterpieces that I wouldn’t have stumbled upon elsewhere. If you’re eager to explore films beyond the mainstream, Kanopy is a must-visit platform.

8. Hoopla

Similar to Kanopy, Hoopla serves as your library’s digital media playground, providing a legal and secure option in contrast to MyFlixer’s downloads. I’ve personally utilized Hoopla to stay updated on classic TV shows and borrow audiobooks for my commute. It’s akin to checking out books, but tailored for the digital age!

9. Peacock Free

Explore the Peacock streaming service before making a commitment, unlike venturing into the unknown with MyFlixer. Their free tier provides a curated array of movies and shows, featuring familiar favorites and exclusive content. Consider it a movie trailer for the complete Peacock experience. Personally, I’ve had a good time watching classic NBC sitcoms and stumbling upon a few intriguing original shows on Peacock Free.

10. YouTube

Don’t overlook the potential of YouTube! Independent filmmakers and content creators regularly share a vast collection of films and TV shows, many of which are hidden gems not available on My Flixer. Personally, I’ve discovered some hilarious short films and thought-provoking documentaries on YouTube, ideal for quick bursts of entertainment.

11. Internet Archive

Take a journey through time with the Internet Archive’s Moving Image Archive! This non-profit organization houses a massive collection of classic movies, documentaries, and rare finds, all free and accessible for your cinematic exploration, far exceeding MyFlixer’s limited scope. I’ve spent hours exploring silent films and early documentaries on the Archive, it’s like a virtual museum for film history buffs.


Leave behind the shady past of MyFlixer and explore a realm of legitimate streaming delights. Platforms such as Popcornflix and Tubi provide worry-free entertainment, while services like Kanopy and Hoopla unveil hidden gems and timeless TV classics. Whether you prefer quick laughs on YouTube or exclusive free content on Peacock, there’s a perfect option for everyone. Embrace legal streaming, support the creators, and indulge in guilt-free cinematic pleasures. Get ready with your popcorn; the legal movie marathon is about to begin!


Q: Are free streaming platforms legal?

A: Not all free streaming platforms are legal. Some may distribute copyrighted content without permission. Choose platforms that have proper licensing and permissions to distribute content legally.

Q: Are free streaming platforms safe?

A: Reputable free streaming platforms prioritize user safety, but it’s important to exercise caution. Use antivirus software, ad-blockers, and refrain from clicking on any questionable ads or links.

Q: Do free streaming platforms have the latest releases?

A: Free streaming platforms generally offer older, classic, and independent movies and series. For the latest releases, subscription-based platforms or digital rental services are more suitable.

Q: Can I access free streaming platforms on multiple devices?

A: Most free streaming platforms are accessible on various devices, but some may have limitations or require specific apps or plugins for certain devices.

Q: Do free streaming platforms show ads?

A: Many free streaming platforms rely on advertisements for revenue. Expect ads during content playback, but the frequency and length can vary.

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