What Channel is Thursday Night Football on in 2024?

The NFL season thrums with excitement, stadiums pulsate with energy, and Thursday Night Football ignites the week with its prime-time battles. But in 2024, navigating the ever-shifting broadcast landscape can leave even the most seasoned fan wondering, “What Channel is Thursday Night Football on in 2024?” Fear not, football aficionados, for this guide serves as your compass, charting a course through channels and streaming services to ensure you don’t miss a single snap of Thursday Night Football’s electrifying spectacle.

Amazon Prime Video

Gone are the days of frantic channel surfing, desperately seeking Thursday Night Football’s elusive broadcast. In 2024, the exclusive home for this gridiron gem remains Amazon Prime Video. For Prime members, it’s a weekly victory dance. Every game, live and on-demand, graces your screen, no frantic channel switching required. So, if you’re already enjoying Prime’s bounty of free shipping and endless entertainment, you’re set to witness the weekly gridiron spectacle in all its glory.

Alternative Options for the NFL Devotee

While Prime Video may be the reigning champion, not everyone sports the Prime jersey. But fret not, football friends, for alternative options abound:

1. Twitch 

Amazon expands its reach, simulcasting Thursday Night Football live on their Twitch channel. With a free Twitch account, you’re not just passively watching – you’re joining the party. Engage in interactive features, cheer alongside passionate streamers, and experience the game with a virtual throng of fellow fanatics. It’s like a digital tailgate party, fueled by real-time banter and expert commentary.

2. Local Broadcasts

Do your hometown heroes grace the Thursday Night Football stage? Check your local Fox or CBS affiliate. You might just catch the game live, adding a touch of local pride to your viewing experience. Cheer on your local stars and soak in the electrifying atmosphere of a city united by the gridiron.

3. NFL Game Pass

The Die-Hard’s Haven: For those who bleed NFL blue, NFL Game Pass is your personal gridiron library. This premium subscription grants access to all NFL games, including Thursday Night Football, live and on-demand. Prepare to invest, but the comprehensive access and control over your viewing experience might be worth it for the ultimate fan. Relive plays, dissect stats, and curate your own gridiron marathon – the power is yours.

Pre-Game Rituals and Exclusive Enhancements

Prime Video elevates Thursday Night Football to an experience that transcends the final whistle. Get pumped for the main event with “TNF Kickoff,” the pre-game show hosted by the inimitable Charissa Thompson. A panel of NFL legends like Tony Gonzalez, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Richard Sherman dissect matchups, share insights, and offer predictions. It’s an hour of analysis, humor, and behind-the-scenes snippets that prime your anticipation for the clash to come.

But Prime Video doesn’t stop there. As a member, you unlock exclusive documentaries and behind-the-scenes content throughout the season. Go beyond the game and delve into the lives of your favorite players, explore captivating rivalries, and witness the dedication and passion that fuel the NFL. These bonus features offer a deeper understanding of the sport, the people, and the stories that make Thursday Night Football so compelling.


In 2024, figuring out What Channel is Thursday Night Football on in 2024 might seem overwhelming at first, but don’t worry, devoted fans! There are great options for everyone. Whether you like the complete experience on Amazon Prime Video, enjoy the interactive vibe on Twitch, prefer local broadcasts for hometown pride, or want the in-depth NFL Game Pass, there’s something for you. So, get your pre-game rituals going, grab some snacks, and get excited because Thursday Night Football is here! It’s not just about the pixels on the screen; it’s a lively community united by passion, strategy, and love for the sport. Football fans, get ready for the journey to Thursday Night glory—it starts now!

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