NoRedInk Premium Cost, Features and My Personal Review

As a former English teacher, I’ve always been on the lookout for innovative tools to help students improve their writing skills. When I first came across NoRedInk, I was immediately impressed by its user-friendly interface and personalised learning approach. I decided to give it a try with my own students, and the results were amazing!

It wasn’t just the vibrant interface or gamified learning that grabbed my students’ attention. It was the invisible magic of personalization. NoRedInk’s adaptive algorithm felt like a mind reader, tailoring exercises to each student’s unique needs.

One student in my class, Sarah, had always struggled with grammar. No matter how much I tutored her, she just couldn’t seem to grasp the concepts. After she started using NoRedInk, however, everything changed. The platform identified her specific weaknesses and assigned her targeted exercises that helped her to master the skills she was struggling with. Within a few months, her grammar scores went from failing to achieving A grades!

1. NoRedInk Premium Cost

While the free version is undoubtedly valuable, Premium was a game-changer for my classroom. It wasn’t just about the increased number of skills; it was about the personalized learning, the captivating content, and the confidence boost it gave my students. Seeing them blossom as writers and conquer their grammar demons – that’s priceless.

As I explored the benefits of the Premium version, I discovered that NoRedInk Premium costs approximately $16 to $19 per student annually. To access this upgraded version, a minimum purchase of 300 student licenses is required. However, the exciting part is that as the number of students using NoRedInk increases, the per-student cost drops significantly. It’s worth exploring this dynamic pricing model based on your classroom strength. 

Trust me, the return on investment in terms of student engagement, progress, and the sheer joy of learning is worth every penny. Unlocking the Premium version not only enhances student outcomes but also adds immeasurable value to the learning experience.

Additionally, if you’re teaching grades 3-5, you can get access to all premium learning content until December 31st, 2023. Let your students dive into this treasure trove of learning – you won’t regret it.

2. NoRedInk Premium Features

2.1 Content that Captivates

2.1.1 A Universe of Words

Dive into a sea of 1,000+ skill exercises, captivating texts, and diverse prompts. No Red Ink caters to every learning style and ignites curiosity. I still remember the day Liam, a self-proclaimed history whiz, used NoRedInk to write a rap about the French Revolution that had the whole class bobbing their heads and quoting lines for weeks.

2.1.2 Personalization

Students aren’t robots, and their learning shouldn’t be either. No Red Ink lets them personalize their paths, weaving dinosaurs, K-Pop, or even friends’ names into their practice. Remember Sarah’s obsession with cats? The platform let her write an essay about feline grammar that purr-fectly illustrated her understanding. This relevance keeps them hooked and ensures the learning sticks like glitter on a unicorn.

2.1.3 From Blank Page to Masterpiece

No Red Ink guides students through every step, from brainstorming and outlining to revising and editing. They’ll conquer blank pages with confidence, transforming thoughts into polished prose. I still get chills re-reading Michael’s first personal essay written on No Red Ink. His raw, honest voice about overcoming shyness resonated with the entire class, proving that No Red Ink empowers not just grammar, but self-expression.

2.2 Data that Empowers

2.2.1 Knowledge is Power

Data isn’t just numbers; it’s a window into student strengths, weaknesses, and progress. NoRedInk unlocks detailed reports that illuminate individual and class-wide performance, empowering you to tailor instruction and celebrate breakthroughs. I used these insights to create targeted small groups for specific skill areas, and seeing students collaborate and support each other was like watching a beautiful learning symphony unfold.

2.2.2 Track the Climb

Witness your students scale the writing mountain! No Red Ink tracks progress over time, highlighting areas of improvement and ensuring no one gets left behind. I loved using the progress charts to create personalized “writing certificates” for each student, recognizing their individual journeys and fueling their motivation to keep climbing.

2.2.3 Tell Your Story

Stop with generic reports! No Red Ink lets you customize your data, focusing on individual students, specific skills, or entire classes. Share progress with parents, administrators, or anyone invested in your students’ success. I used NoRedInk’s data to present at a parent-teacher conference, showcasing how Sarah’s personalized learning path led to her grammar mastery. The look on her parents’ faces was pure joy, and it solidified my belief in the power of No Red Ink.

2.3 Tools for Teachers

2.3.1 Seamless Integration

No Red Ink integrates seamlessly with popular systems like ClassLink, Clever, Google Classroom, and Infinite Classroom. Single sign-on simplifies logins, while rostering and assignment sharing streamline your workflow. Imagine saying goodbye to clunky tech transitions and focusing on what matters most – engaging your students!

2.3.2 Performance at a Glance

NoRedInk’s performance dashboards give you a real-time snapshot of student progress, allowing you to quickly identify areas needing attention and celebrate individual achievements.

2.3.3 Standards Made Simple

NoRedInk ensures every activity and lesson aligns with various state and national standards, making compliance effortless. Teach with confidence, knowing your students are honing skills aligned with their academic goals.

2.4 Beyond the Basics

2.4.1 Exclusive Content

No Red Ink Premium unlocks a treasure trove of premium texts and prompts unavailable in the free version. These dynamic resources keep curiosity piqued and writing muscles flexing. I remember using a No Red Ink premium prompt about a time machine to spark a class-wide collaborative story. The creativity and laughter that filled the room were priceless, and the final story, a hilarious and heartwarming tale of future pizza wars, is still a class favorite.

2.4.2 Advanced Analytics

For data enthusiasts like me, NoRedInk Premium offers deeper dives into student performance. Advanced reporting and customization options let you analyze data in intricate detail, uncovering hidden patterns and tailoring instruction with laser precision. I used these insights to identify subtle learning gaps in individual students and create targeted exercises that addressed them like invisible ninjas. Seeing those gaps close and watching understanding blossom was pure data detective magic!

2.4.3 Priority Support

Time is precious, and questions need answers – fast. No Red Ink Premium recognizes this, offering priority support that feels like you have a personal tech fairy godmother at your beck and call. I once had a technical hiccup in the middle of a lesson, and within minutes, No Red Ink support had everything back on track. Knowing I had that safety net allowed me to focus on what mattered most – my students’ learning journey.


NoRedInk isn’t just a platform; it’s a vibrant community where students like Sarah can conquer their fears, teachers like me can witness transformation, and learning feels less like a chore and more like an adventure. It’s the confidence boost after a difficult sentence, the high-five after a persuasive essay, and the shared laughter over a pun-tastic prompt. It’s seeing the light bulb click on, the blank page bloom, and the joy of crafting words that matter. And that, for me, is the true magic of NoRedInk.


Q: Can parents monitor their child’s progress on NoRedInk?

A: Yes, parents can create accounts and monitor their child’s progress on the NoRedInk, gaining insights into their performance, completed assignments, and areas of focus.

Q: What technical requirements are needed to use NoRedInk?

A: NoRedInk is a web-based platform, so users need a reliable internet connection and an appropriate device like a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet to access its features.

Q: What subjects does NoRedInk cover?

A: NoRedInk primarily focuses on grammar, usage, and writing skills. It covers various subjects, including punctuation, sentence structure, verb tense, and much more.

Q: Can NoRedInk be used for homeschooling?

A: Absolutely! NoRedInk can be a valuable resource for homeschooling parents, providing structured language exercises and assessments aligned with educational standards.

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